7 Tips How to Use Cooker Properly

A lot of people ask me how to use rice cooker properly. Many of us purchase the rice maker and we think it's not working; however, we're missing on some things.

Today, we're going to cover how to use it ?, which rice makers is best 

Overall, we're going to talk about:

  • How to use cooker.
  • Which Aroma cooker is best?

And, later on, we'll dedicate a whole article on how to pick cooker.

So, let’s get started…

First off, using a rice maker is very easy and simple, and most people don't need instructions on how to use it. Lots of us would normally go to the basic rice maker . Undoubtedly, rice cookers appear to be simple, but, on the inside, they are amazing pieces of sophisticated technology.

And, because using a cooker rice  is so damn easy, hardly does anyone read the instructions in details.

7 Tips How to Use Cooker Properly:

1. Rinse Your Rice Before You Cook it:

Now, that you've decided to cook your rice, rinse the amount of rice you want to cook in a big bowl. Generally, most cookers rice out there come with a removable bowl! You can use this bowl to rinse your rice by filling the container with water and swirl the rice around.

As the water becomes cloudy, pour it out and rinse it again. Keep repeating this, until the water you rinse the rice in is clear. Make sure that the water is above the rice by a couple of inches.

2. Allow The Rice To Rest After It's Done:

Secondly, and most importantly, you need to give the rice a chance to rest before you serve it. Most of us think that the moment the rice cooker is done, then you should g ahead and serve the rice.

Wrong! You should keep in mind that you should leave the rice for 5-10 minutes (without opening the lid) to fully complete the cooking process. Also, this will give a chance for the water level to stabilize.

 If you want to enjoy perfectly cooked rice, then, I strongly advise you to be patient.

3. Don't Unplug the Rice Cooker While The Rice Is Still In it

Don't rush and remove the cooker rice plug right after the rice is done. You're going to miss on your rice cooker's best feature!

The modern rice cookers are amazingly designed to maintain the moist after your rice is done. This helps keep your rice nicely cooked and warm until you're ready to serve it.

4. Easily Clean The Rice maker by Leaving It on:

Now, we all worry about the cleaning part, however, I'm going to tell you my secret to easily clean your rice maker. I figured that if I leave the rice cooker on and remove the lid after you've served all your rice, it'll make so much easier to clean

how rice cooker works

5.  The More Water, The More Cooking

Basically, this is a rice cooking rule that you should be familiar with. You can always read the instructions of the rice cooker you purchased to know the perfect amount of water for each cup of rice.

However, the thumb rule here is:

1 cup of rice = 1 cup of water

So, now you know that each cup of rice you'll cook add one cup of water for the best results.

6. Never Rinse Basmati Or Jasmine Rice

Although I've just recommended rinsing the rice before cooking, however for every rule, there are some exceptions. Well, for rice, you shouldn't rinse basmati or jasmine rice.


First of all, the basmati and jasmine rice are known to be a "fragrant rice" that are rich in flavors that can be washed away as you rinse it.

7. Keep The Lid On:

Lastly, you don't need to open the lid of the rice maker unless your rice is actually done. It's always a bad idea to keep checking on the rice during the cooking process because you'll lose the moisture. So, I'd advise to keep the lid on for as long as possible, and only remove when you absolutely should (when serving).

how to use rice cooker aroma

Which Brand  Is Best?

Finally, we've searched for lots of days, and tested lots of brands and models to bring to you the cooker rice brand on the market. We strongly recommend Hamilton Beach 37548 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker as your go-to rice cooker.

This super rice maker will offer you delicious, white rice really quick. It’s really inexpensive and delivers perfect results compared to other rice cookers that are 10 times more in price.

This was your 7 tips on how to use rice cooker properly. Share with us your tips as well! Enjoy your meals! Cheers!