How To Pick Cooker (4 Easy Steps)

Today, I'm going to answer the question lots of people kept asking; "how to pick cooker?" If you go to Amazon, you'll find lots of rice cookers out there, but which rice cooker is best? I'll tell you all the details you want to know. Also, if you're a sushi lover, you can check out the article I made for you explaining in easy steps to make sushi rice.

So, let's get into it...

Here Are The 4 Steps How Pick Cooker:

  • Decide which size you need.
  • Pick the material of the rice cooker.
  • Choose whether you want an electric or gas rice cooker.
  • Decide if you want the warm function with the rice cooker.

Now, these 4 steps are all you need to consider when choosing a rice cooker! It’s time we talked about some details of each step.

1. Decide Which Size You Need

First thing's first, you should know how much rice you cook per meal. Depending on that, and considering how often your friends and family visit you for lunch you can decide the size of the rice cooker.

There are 4 different uses to help you decide the size you need:

Home Use (Family)

Definitely, you can choose the 1-10 cup rice cooker for your family. However, keep in mind that this size cannot be used in a commercial setting. If you cook rice a lot for your family, then a 1-10 cup rice cooker is your go-to option.

Light Commercial Use

If you want a rice cooker for a light commercial use, then you should choose a 21-30 cup rice cooker. Basically, this rice cooker is perfect for small restaurants. If you serve a few dishes daily to your customers, then this 21-30 rice cooker will do just fine.

Medium Commercial Use

Obviously, the best choice if you're running a medium-sized restaurant is a 31-40 cup rice cooker. Surely, you'll be able to cook a handful of meals with a rice cooker of that size.

Heavy Commercial Use

Finally, for those of you who have a big restaurant, and cook a lot of rice a day, you should choose a 51-60 cup rice cooker. That's for restaurants are almost serves rice with each and every meal. You'll find that Asian and Mexican restaurants always go for this option because each meal has rice with it.

2 .Pick The Material Of The Rice Cooker

Second, you need to decide which material you need for your rice cooker's inner pot. There are 3 materials of the inner pot you choose from;

Stainless Steel:

My top recommended type of inner pots is the stainless steel inner pot rice cookers. Although it can be tricky to find a good, I've dedicated an article with The Best Stainless Steel Inner Pot Rice Cooker. You can easily wash in the dishwasher as long as the inner pot is removable.


Usually, you'll find that only home use rice cookers (1-10 cups) come with a ceramic inner pot. I don't really recommend using the ceramic material in a commercial setting because they don't last long. Importantly, you should not wash it in a commercial dishwasher since the chemicals will erode it.


This is the most common type of inner pot material that you'll find on the market. A lot of people love buying this type of rice cooker because it's light, durable and dent resistant. But, you should keep in mind that you cannot wash the aluminum rice cooker in a commercial rice cooker.

3. Choose Whether You Want An Electric Or Gas Rice Cooker

Simply, the most common type of slow rice cookers is electric with a plug and cord. Recently, with our modern kitchen demands, electric rice cookers are the best option. You need an easy-to-use rice cooker that you can plug in and put on the counter.

 Yet, there are a few numbers of people out there you like to use a gas rice cooker with gas lines. You'll need a Piezo Ignition system which doesn't need any power supply from outside

4. Decide If You Want The Warm Function With The Rice Cooker:

Finally, I strongly recommend getting a rice cooker that comes with a keep-warm feature. Mostly, the warm feature will keep your rice warm for about 2-5 hours about it's done the cooking. That's a feature you don't want to miss while picking your rice cooker.

Also, you can choose a rice cooker with the "hold" function if you're choosing a big rice cooker. You should know that rice cookers with no "hold" feature are meant to cook only rice and nothing else. You cannot cook anything else with the rice and they turn off right after the rice has done the cooking.

This was your easy 4 step guide on how to pick rice cooker! Share it with your family and friends! Let us know your best type of rice cooker and your experience. Cheers!