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 A Complete Guide to Top 9 Best Rice Cooker 2020

Today, we're going to talk about the Best Rice Cooker. Basically, Japan is the best when it comes to developing the automatic Rice cookers,you can ever find and it's called "Suihanki". Now, this is the best uncomplicated and handy appliance you can use to steam or cook the perfect rice.

Back in 1260 BC, people used ceramic rice steamers to cook rice. Recently, we're using electric rice steamers which are much better because you don't have to stand next to the stove until your rice is done.

Also, you won't have to worry about the rice getting burnt at the bottom of the pot or sticking.

All you have to do now is rinse the amount of rice you wish to cook and add the recommended amount of water to the electric rice cookers. Then, turn on the cooker and you can easily remover the inner pot to serve the rice as desired.

Previously, we have talked about How to pick rice cooker and recommended the best mini rice cooker for you. Today, it’ll be all about Top Rice cooker.

which rice cooker is best?

After lots of research on Amazon, we at (name of your website) have picked out the good rice cookers. We need to make sure you’ll eat the good rice and spend your money while getting the utmost value.

Here Are The Top 9 best rice cookers Reviewed:





Aroma Housewares Digital 


Tiger Corporation Micom R


Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup


Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy


Zojirushi Micom  and Warmer


Tiger JAX-T18U-K 10-Cup Micom Stainless Steel


Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH


Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom


Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure


9. Aroma Housewares Digital rice cooker :


This is an amazing aroma rice cooker and it’s reviewed by over 3,000 people on Amazon. This is a​ 20-cup digital Aroma rice cooker. It's designed to cook lots of dishes since it is a Slow cooker and food steamer. You can cook grains easily and quickly because of its Flash Rice feature.

Now, you'll never have to take too much time preparing dinner for this Aroma will cook your meal in a snap. You can enjoy cooking from 4 to 20 cups of rice (both white and brown rice).

The best thing is that when the cooker is done cooking your meal, it'll automatically set to "Keep-Warm". This feature will keep your food warm until you serve it and you won't have the need of keeping your eye on the cooker of fear that food might overcook or get burnt.

Moreover, the aroma  will offer a healthy meal as you cook it on its Steam Tray. Obviously, the Steam Tray cooks your meat and vegetables using steam which is the healthiest type of cooked food you can eat.

You can enjoy the programmable 15-hour delay timer to deliver you freshly hot cooked rice if your family is the on the go.

 It's easy to clean up as you can remove the inner pot and all the accessories ( Rice measuring cup, Steam Tray, and Serving Spatula).

8. Tiger Corporation Micom rice cookers:

which rice cooker is best

This is our highly recommended tiger rice cooker for you! You can really enjoy cooking your rice and main dish altogether because of its Syncro-cooking function tacook (explained later in this article, just scroll down).

It's basically a one-push operation with 4 different cooking settings; Slow Cooking, Plain Rice, Synchrony-cooking and Brown Rice. This is a 5.5 cup rice cooker and there’s also a 10 cup rice cooker so you can choose what suits your family’s needs.

You won't have to worry about cleaning as it's made of non-stick coating on the inside. Also, you'll get some really cool cooking accessories like a cooking plate, a measuring cup, a cookbook and a nonstick spatula.

Moreover, if you like slow cooking then you can cook your favorite recipes with this tiger. Perhaps, you want to get something done in some time until you get something else done, then you can use this multi-functional rice cooker.

It's one of the Top rice maker and the cookbook is for guiding you through the 4 different cooking setting of the tiger rice cooker.

7. Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup  Floral White :

Best Rice Cooker

Here's another tiger rice cooker that lots of people find amazing when it comes to cooking rice. Actually, any tiger JAZ series is an amazing choice for a Tiger . It's conveniently suitable for anyone whether you're a first-timer or have used rice cookers before. In just a short time, you'll have white rice nicely served and it'll be warm for up to 12 hours.

This rice cooker comes in two capacities; 5.5cup rice cooker and a 10 cup rice cooker. You can choose any of these 2 capacities depending on your family members and how often you invite people over.

 From it, best features are its nonstick inner pot coating and how it's easy to switch on. If you like to add a floral touch to your kitchen, then this floral tiger will do the trick for you

6. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy :

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy

Now, this is a Zojirushi rice cooker called the "Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer". The reason behind this name is its advanced Fuzzy Logic technology. This amazing advanced feature gives your rice cooker a brain of its own adjusting the temperature and cooking time to offer you the perfect rice.

This rice cooker makes 5.5 cups rice (uncooked) which serves 10 cups of cooked rice. Also, you can enjoy the many varieties of cooking options of rice like white soft or hard rice. You can also have regular or sushi rice, porridge, brown or sweet rice.

The Zojirushi comes with a thick pan (black & spherical) with side handles (stay-cool) to provide you with a better rice cooking experience. Moreover, there's a beep audio indicator (a programmable melody) to tell you when your rice or meal is ready.

5. Zojirushi Micom and Warmer cooker:


Here's another Zojirushi rice cooker which cooks perfect rice and comes with a steaming basket. You can use the steaming basket as a steamer or bake cakes. You can use the cake menu setting to bake delicious healthy cakes.

As the previous Zojirushi​ , you can use 5.5 cups of rice (uncooked) to serve 10 cups of rice (cooked). Also, it comes with a thick pan (black & spherical) with side handles (stay-cool) to provide you with a convenient rice cooking experience.

Again, you have a beeping audio indicator (a programmable melody) to notify you when your rice or meal is cooked.

Also, you'll really enjoy the washable and detachable inner lid. You have an easy to read LCD control panel on the top of your Zojirushi and an automatic keep-warm feature.

Amazingly, this is a stainless steel rice cooker which is very easy to clean and goes with any kitchen decor you have. Your accessories that come with this rice cooker are a spatula holder, a spatula, and a rice measuring cup.

4. Tiger JAX-T18U-K 10-Cup Micom Stainless Steel  :


Here comes another tiger rice cooker on our good rice cooker list today. The best thing about any tiger is its tacook feature that I'll explain what it does later on in this article. Now, this rice cooker has 10 different computerized cooking menu settings.

Also, this is considered a Synchro-cooking rice cooker with a slow cooking feature and comes with a steamer. Basically, you can cook white rice, porridge, quick rice, multi-grain rice, sweet rice, mixed rice, brown rice, steam cooking and slow cooking with this Tiger, With all these features, you prepare your rice and main dish all at the same time without waiting for too long.

The best part is that you won't need to do much preparation. It's all with a push of a button and the 2 dishes will be cooked simultaneously. You can use its rice cooker instructions.

Finally, tiger has an automatic cooking logic system which monitors the cooking temperatures to produce the perfectly cooked meal.

3. Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH rice cooker and Bread Maker:

This is the fourth tiger rice cooker on our lost today, and this one is unique for its heat induction microcomputer controlled rice cooker/warmer. Not only that, but it also acts as a 4 in 1 rice cooker since it has rice cooking, bread baking, slow cooking, and synchro-cooking altogether.

Also, you get to enjoy 11 different menu cooking settings with this tiger . It's a stainless steel rice cooker as well, which means it'll be easy to clean and offer amazingly cooked meals.

You'll love this 5 cup rice cooker that is not only a rice maker but also has a tacook feature like any other Tiger . You can easily and quickly prepare 2 dishes at the same time with any tiger. The automatic cooking timer will cook both meals perfectly.

The induction heat function can make you cook 2 meals at the same time. Also, you'd love to know that it comes with 5 layer metal plates and 3 layers of coating to give the perfect inner coating and even heat distribution.

2. Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom rice cookers and Warmer:

Here’s another Zojirushi cooker which is just perfect for cooking rice. This stainless steel rice maker makes the perfect tasty rice every time with no fail with. It’s a 3 cup rice cooker which will serve 6 cups of delicious cooked rice. This rice cooker's capacity is perfect for singles, or couples living together or even a small family.

There's a removable thick inner coating pan to distribute the heat evenly. Moreover, it has measuring lines so that you can add your ingredients in a precise manner.

Amusingly, you can know that your meal is done by its interchangeable melody and beeping signal. You can keep your food warm even after it's done with the keep warm and reheating cycle.

1 - Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer:

1 - Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer:

Finally, we'll talk about the most creative rice cooker ever made and it's The NP-NVC10 5-1/2-cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer.

So, what's creative about this Zojirushi ?

Well, it comes with an advanced fuzzy logic technology with Artificial Intelligence. In other words, this rice cooker can give the perfect cooking every time because it adjusts its cooking cycles.

You can use its rice cooker instructions to choose from between 3 pressure settings for the best cooking result that suits your taste. Also, there's a platinum-infused cooking pan which is nonstick for easy water absorption and change of the water quality.

Conveniently, this NP-NVC10 Zojirushi  comes with a superior induction heating technology. It also comes with multiple cooking functions. You won't have to monitor your rice cooker because it has an interchangeable melody and beeping alert to tell you when the food is done.

Moreover, you can keep your food warm with its keep-warm feature. The inner lid is made of stainless steel and it's easily detached.

For your own safety, this Zojirushi has a pressure control valve, an inner lid filter, a backup safety valve and a pressure indicator on its control panel.

Your accessories with the Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure & Warmer are a spatula holder, a rice spatula, and 2 measuring cups.

One of the measuring cups is for regular rice, while the other is for rinse-free rice.

As promised, I told you I’ll explain what “Tacook” is…

What is a Tacook?

Tiger rice cookers have the cook built-in feature which simply does it all. You can cook your main dish and your rice altogether at the same time in the rice cooker since it has a synchro-cooking function.

The tacook feature uses the steam used to cook the rice and cooks the meal you placed in your tacook plate to save you time and cook the whole meal faster and healthier.

 So, these were the top 9 Best Rice Cooker on Amazon! And you can get them at very affordable prices and choose what suits you best