Korean Rice Cooker: The 4 Most Recommended Reviewed in 2020

There are so many different options when choosing a rice cooker. Because of the many options, choosing the perfect rice maker has become a challenge. So, we have decided to talk about the best Korean rice cooker and review it for you.

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Although a rice maker is a fairly easy kitchen appliance, but believes me, there's much more to consider when choosing one. That's why we're dedicating this article to talk about the Korean  cooker.

It's time we reviewed the Korean rice maker for you…

Here Are The Top 4 Korean Cooker Reviewed

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Cuckoo Electric 

Zojirushi NS-WAC10

Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10-in


Instant Pot Ultra


Cuckoo rice cooker

Cuckoo CR-0351FR

1. Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker :

Korean Rice Cooker

The number 1  on our list is, of course, the Cuckoo electric heating rice cooker!

The Cuckoo rice cooker is widely popular because of its cute stylish design that's very appealing to all women. It compliments your kitchen and makes a nice looking rice cooker on your kitchen counter.

Moreover, you'll love its wide LCD screen to set the rice maker settings with ease. The Cuckoo rice cookers come with GABA function to cook brown rice slowly and perfectly.

The rice won't stick at the bottom of the rice cooker because it has a nonstick inner pot coating. Also, the non-stick inner pot makes it very easy to watch and clean after you've served the rice.

If you're in hurry, but want to get restaurant quality rice, the Cuckoo rice maker will definitely help you! With the Turbo cooking function, helps you cook the rice faster while maintaining good cooking quality.

However, if you want to have your meal later, you can use the slow cooking function that comes with the rice cooker.

The Cuckoo cooker rice comes with a Fuzzy Control feature which controls the time and temperature to cook the perfect rice. You have 6 different settings to cook the rice however you like.

2. Zojirushi  5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice maker:

best Korean Rice Cooker

Second, this Micom Rice Cooker that can think for itself because of its micro computerized Fuzzy logic technology. It has a unique dent resistant plastic body and that's another reason why it's the second Korean  we recommend.We've tried it and loved the fine adjustments we could do to the temperature. You'll get some amazing rice cooked in no time.

You'll love the LCD Control Panel on the Zojirushi rice cooker that is very easy-to-read with Clock and Timer functions.

Moreover, it has a wonderful black inner Cooking Pan and Heating System. The Zojirushi  provides even heating and temperature, so you can get restaurant quality rice.There's no way you won't get an ideal temperature because of its triple heater (bottom, side, and lid).

You can also detach the power cord anytime you want for easy and clan storage. Every day you can cook a different type of rice as you like because the Zojirushi rice maker supports different types of rice (including brown rice).

Lastly, you'll enjoy the two delay timer settings, in case you want your rice to be ready at a certain time later on. All of these amazing features is what makes the Zojirushi cooker rice the second  Korean maker. Surprisingly, the price is affordable for everyone to enjoy it.

3. Instant Pot Ultra 6  Multi- Use Programmable Pressure 

nstant Pot Ultra 6  Multi

Third, we have this awesome multiple purposes Korean rice cooker, that does more than just cook rice! This one Korean kitchen appliance will make you give up the need of having 10 other appliances!

Here's why..

Moreover, it comes with fantastic features like a steam release reset button, altitude adjustment, and a cooking indicator. You can enjoy custom programming just by using its ultra button. Also, you have new features like eggs, sterilizing and cake programs!

There's no need to buy an additional pressure cooker, egg cooker, sterilizer, steamer, rice/porridge cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, warmer, sauté/searing appliances, because the Instant Pot Ultra does all that!

Amazingly, this rice cooker was developed with the latest 3rd generation technology. it has an embedded microprocessor to monitor its temperature and pressure. Also, this microprocessor helps with heat adjustments like its intensity and duration.

There's no need to worry because this Korean rice cooker is UL certified (Underwriters Laboratories certified) with its 11 safety features.

4. Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker :

Cuckoo CR-0351FR Electric Heating Rice Cooker

Finally, another Cuckoo rice cooker on our List! There's no doubt that Cuckoo manufactures the best Korean rice cookers you can come across. It's just amazingly delicate and goes well with any kitchen because it comes in many different colors.

It's small, so it won't take much space on your kitchen counter. It has an  LCD Fuzzy Display, so you can easily adjust your settings.

The rice won't stick in the bottom because Cuckoo cooker rice come with a nonstick inner pot coating.

Do, you believe that Cuckoo developed the world's first rice cooker with a detachable inner lid? That's pretty cool!

Again, it comes with a Turbo cooking function, to cook your rice quickly yet perfectly. You'll love its Auto Steam Cleaning System, which makes this Cuckoo rice maker very unique. If your rice is cold and you've forgotten it, you can easily reheat it using the "Reheat" function.

You have 5 different setting with this Korean rice cooker and 4 safety features. You can choose to have the golden or black inner pot coating depending on your style.

So, we've talked about the best Korean rice cooker and reviewed it fully for you. Share with us, which rice maker will you pick?! And, if you already tried any of these Korean rice cookers, share with us your experience and help others decide. Cheers!